Pentimento – traces of a painting, which show through a new layer of paint added later.

The word derives from the Italian word pentirsi, meaning “to repent.”

I am not repenting for anything.  I just think that consciousness is like a pentimento – the older layers always show through; you cannot erase them easily.

And these paintings are about replacing the old way of thinking with a new one…

If I were a writer perhaps I would not verbalize every thought I had so that the story I tell would be more exciting for the reader.  But I am an artist and I reveal my naked soul on the canvass.  And it is certain that everything I show here is something I have thought.

In fact, one must always say what one feels and must always do what one thinks.

I cannot let even a single day go by without telling people that I love, that I love them.  The optimist in me wants to change our everyday routines through the canvass, adding ever new pieces of thoughts to the empty surface of our days.  I would like to make every man or woman believe that he or she is my favorite person in the audience and that they can be infused by light…

I paint so that… I can live. So that I can exist.

In this way I can show what is invisible to the eyes.

I want to bring joy to the hearts and souls of people.

I paint so that I can express what I cannot express with my words or body.

I paint so that I can survive.

Everything around us contains… Love.

If only we know how to look for it, how to wish for it.

Love is at the foundation of everything.  Human passions stop it… attachments kill it.  They are those little pieces which show through the curtain of time.

Freedom gives it wings.  Children make you feel it with your skin.

Paintings are mirrors of everything around and inside us.

I hope that my mirrors are not heavy… that they are filled with love.  And that the memories they leave are beautiful – so beautiful that people would wish to keep them as their own…


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